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Xmas Waistline

Christmas Excess!


I’ve  just weighted myself for the first time in 2015 and, with a hefty weigh-in of 82 Kg (12 stone 13 pounds), you can see the excess food and particularly the booze, has had a big effect on my waistline.

The Plan

In an attempt to battle the bulge and get back to my fighting weight of 78kg, I’m proposing the following line of attack.

  • Eat less
  • Exercise more
  • No booze until Friday,  6th February

Pretty straight forward stuff really.


In preparation for my first race of 2015, the 27 Kangas Mountain, on the 28th February, I’m going to start with a 10km long-run this Sunday and increase it by 5km each week. If everything goes to plan, this will mean I’ll be running 30km by the 8th February. I’ll  run another 30km long-run on the 15th and taper back to 20km on the 22nd, the week before the race.

Hopefully both Rob and Paul will be accompanying me for most of these training runs, which always makes them much easier to get through.

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