Cabra Montés Trail, Fell and Mountain Running

Week 7 Update (18.2.2013)

What a terrible week of training that was! Did a Wednesday run with Rob and a little run on Thursday but still completely pathetic as far as training goes.

This week however, it’s back on schedule for the first race in April – The Subisomas.  The race is just over 13 km and 1200 metres of climb.  As it’s so steep from the start, I’m going to be working on my hill technique (up and down) and my pacing.

I am also thinking, I’d rather do it as a fun run than an out and out race and take it really easily, especially at the beginning.

The Art of Running Faster

The Art of Running Faster

I’ve been reading a great book at the moment – The Art of Running Faster on the Kindle App on my phone and it’s got some interesting bits on interval training, running technique and breathing.  
The breathing part, especially, is something that I have never really paid much attention to before but it does seem to make a lot of sense.  Basically, what he says is that to run efficiently, and therefore faster, you should be trying to get as much oxygen/carbon dioxide exchange going on in your lungs as possible.  The best way to do this according to the author is by controlling your breathing so that you inhale and exhale over 3 to 4 steps for each phase.

This makes a lot of sense to me and I can imagine that it will help me to stay calm in races of when my speedy pulse convinces me that I’m going to die!

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