Cabra Montés Trail, Fell and Mountain Running

Initial Plans

The second placed runner at the Seronda Trail Series – Nava race.

2013 Training Focus Areas

Tight Calves
One of my big limiting factors this year, has been my calves. I had a 2 month or so period where I couldn’t run for more than 25 minutes without being pulled up short with pulled/cramping calf muscles.

After investigation, the causes appear to have been:

  1. A lack of flexibility in the calf muscle
  2. Starting to run in minimalist shoes (Merrell Trail Gloves)
  3. Changing my running gait.

The problem kept reoccurring until I read an article in a magazine – I don’t remember which – about tight calves being the root of most running injuries. The solution they gave was calf rolls with a hard roller.  To my surprise, after rolling my calves on a water filled, aluminum water bottle, twice a day for a week, the problem  almost completely disappeared.

Consequently, In 2013, I am planning on dedicating at least 10 minutes, daily, to calf strengthening and flexibility exercises.

Weight Loss
I presently weigh 80 kilos, which gives me a BMI of 24.69 – just at the upper limit of healthy weight.  I would like to get down to 75 kilos (23.15 BMI). I would also like to calculate my percentage body fat and get it down to between 6 and 15%.

I’m presently looking into the best way to get the weight off without effecting my muscle mass or recovery.

Running Technique
For the last couple of years, I have been working on developing my running efficiency on various inclines and terrains but still need to significantly improve my uphill and downhill skills. I also think I need to work on uphill speed walking for very steep slopes.  There was a good article in the South African Trail magazine about Kilian Jornet, Spain’s internationally renowned trail runner, and the walking technique he uses.

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