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Hell’s Ridge Update

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Sorry they’re a bit blurry – I was shooting through a waterproof case that steamed up half way through.

and again...

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Early(ish) Morning Start

At 8:00 the alarm sounded to tell me to leave my semi-hangover in bed and get up to meet Rob down at the Plaza in our village, Santolaya de Cabranes.  I was a little pissed off that I had any hangover at all, as I’d been pretty sensible the night before and only drunk 5 glasses of wine (or is that a lot?!)

On the way to the start of the route we stopped at a bar in Infiesto for a speedy cafe con leche (milky coffee) and final look at the maps, which really are hard to get your head around – all contours and no detail!

The Route

In the end, instead of doing the whole horse-shoe we climbed up to a beautiful spot, where too ridges meet in a steep sided pass.

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In the end it all took a lot longer than expected and I arrived back home an hour after curfew – which kind of pissed my partner off.

Next week, I need to get off half-an-hour earlier and not stop off for a coffee on the way.

Things I Learnt

  • Quite a bit about Spanish politics.
  • I run like a penguin.
  • You don’t feel wet until you stop.
  • A couple of extra kilos in a rucksack makes a lot of difference to your performance.
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