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Back in Action

Back in Action

Training is going well again.  I’ve found out a lot recently about training techniques and I feel that this time I should make a lot more improvements than before and hopefully avoid any over-training.

I’ve also decided that pre-flu, I was getting more than a little obsessed with training and need to have a bit more of a balanced approach, incorporating more cross training and family time.

To summarise, my training is going to go in 6 week cycles and comprise of the following:

2 x High Intensity Sessions a Week
I’m starting these slowly for the first 2 weeks with one session of 1 minute repeats of 15 seconds flat out and 45 seconds recovery and one fartlek session.  These will then 
gradually increase in intensity,  every 2 weeks.

2 x Low Intensity Recovery Runs a Week
These runs will be kept under 140 BPM, preferably at 130 BPM for the whole time, except for a pre cool-down 20 second sprint finish.

1 x Long Run
This will be up in the mountains at a low/medium intensity 140-155 BPM at all times

Cross Training
A minimum of 1 session surfing, swimming, kayaking or mountain biking (if I manage to get the bike fixed), preferably with the rest of the family.  I especially want to get lots of surfing and kayaking done this year

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