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Apathy and Lack of Motivation (15.3.2015)

Apathy and Lack of Motivation


What’s going on?!

Don’t know what’s up with my training the last couple of weeks.  Following the 27 Kangas Mountain race, I was on a real high for 3 days and then, ever since, I’ve really struggled to get motivated.  Even with another 30 km race planned on the 5th April, I’ve probably only run 20 km in 14 days, which is pretty pathetic for me.

Possible Causes

There’s a few things I think that are causing this apathy…

  1. It’s the end of the school term (I’m a teacher) and I’m feeling stressed about the IGCSE and AS exams coming up early next term.
  2. My ankle is sore whenever I wear running shoes.
  3. I’m drinking more beer and wine than I should.
  4. I’m eating unhealthily – loads of crisps and pizza.

The Plan

From tomorrow I’m going to try to pull myself back together and get back on track with the following plan…

  • Stop eating crap
  • Cut right back on the booze
  • Only run in my super comfortable VivoBarefoot shoes until my ankle is better.
  • Try and do a bit of yoga and/or meditation.


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