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Los Foces del Rio Pendon

Foces del Rio Pendon

A beautiful 8km run from Fuensanta in Asturias.

The Route

The Ruta PR 45 (Pequeño Recorrido or Short Distance Route) starts and ends in Fuensanta next to the mineral water bottling plant of the same name.  From there, the steep slog up to the top starts immediately and doesn’t stop until the beginning of the descent near Mayáu Pastor.  The path then quickly descends into the Pendón river valley by a rocky and fairly technical path, with good views of the valley below.

Once the valley bottom has been reached, the route passes through a chestnut wood filled with small waterfalls and deep pools. You exit the wood onto a precipitous path on the side of the steep-sided Pendón river canyon, which continues for about 3km, passing a number of waterfalls.

The path along the edge of the canyon is well surfaced with small pebbles and gravel, which allows for a fairly quick-paced run, down to the exit.

The track then turns into a road which takes you back the last kilometer to where you started, in Fuensanta.  P.S. Don’t forget to take lots of empty plastic bottles to fill up with lovely free Fuensanta mineral water!

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