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Cabra Montes vs Traveserina 2015

Cabra Montes vs Traveserina 2015

Traveserina 2015

Traveserina 2015

Midnight Sign-up

All 300 places for the Traveserina de los Picos de Europa, 2015 went in a flurry of activity, starting at midnight, on the race website (   Amazingly, Rob, Paul and I all managed to get places.

The Race

The Traveserina (small crossing in English)  came out of the popular Travesera (Crossing) of the Picos de Europa. The Travesera is a monster of an ultra mountain marathon that crosses the majestic Picos de Europa mountain range, in Asturias, Northern Spain. It’s 74 kilometres long and 6,560 metres of climb and passes through some of Spain’s most dramatic mountain peaks, topping out at a lung-busting 2,382 metres.

Because the Travesera is such a difficult route, in 2013, the organisers introduced the, not so little, Traveserina. The race is 44 kilometres long with 3,010 metres of climb and the thought of running it makes my legs hurt just thinking about it.


I’ve walked 9 kilometres of the route before and that was hard enough!  The good thing is it’s not until the 13th June.  This means I’ve got just over 130 days (4 months) to get ready. It’ll also be just after my 45th birthday so I’ll be one the youngest of the Veterans A group,  along with Rob, who’ll be one of the oldest.



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